SINCE 1973


About Our Firm

Founded by Mr Bob Schuit in 1973, our law firm’s office is located in a stately building opposite the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum.

We provide legal aid to corporate and private clients, including services provided pro bono. Our firm serves as a large scale litigation and debt collecting practice for clients both foreign and domestic. We are a member of the Dutch “Vereniging Incasso- en procesrecht Advocaten” [Association of Debt Collecting and Procedural Lawyers], the Law Link Nederland lawyer network, and the collaborative Law Link International.

Our firm’s vision is to provide traditional and swift service, with an emphasis on personal and confidential client contact. Our “office with a view” not only keeps an eye out for the interests of justice, but also overlooks on the former entrance to the Rijksmuseum, singularly captured on canvas by renowned Dutch painter Carel Willink. The only known replica of this masterpiece was gifted to our firm by Mrs. Sylvia Willink-Quiël.